Monday, September 17, 2007

Sitting in a sheltered spot
I watched from deepest night
until first lightening of the sky.
No dawn chorus yet.
I watched for satellites, space stations and falling stars.
Far off towards the east the first bird call,
then a gradual sense of shape and form,
the smell of smoke,
and the base hum of the city waking.
This is a dry point print on canvas with acrylic washes over the top.
Watching is a bit like my life, requiring patience, with the promise to follow.


cindy yount said...

I really like this one, with the dry brush. The photo is great too....the canvas really shows up!

Hillary said...

Thank you, I did take several photos and then select the best as far as colour and texture went. I have a new camera and know a little more about the technical side of things now but not sure I could make a better shot. Thanks for visiting