Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is how I decided to do the T for the Alphabet exchange. After admiring Gemma’s posting to the graphic board in October, of Cheryl’s water colour card, I wanted to see if I could do it. Cheryl had done a tutorial with Gemma, and so I emailed Gemma who was very helpful, giving me some instructions and examples. I penned a roman capital T (rather badly) and cut four copies out of paper. Then arranged them on a 5” square. I cut out my water colour squares and traced round the first T on each one. Then with the faintest of washes went round the negative space. When dry I erased the pencil outline, and drew in the second T from the plan. Then I filled the negative space with another slightly darker wash, leaving the first letter the background paper colour, waited, erased the lines and drew another T according to the plan. And so on. I now realize that I didn’t need to darken each wash as the colour would accumulate with each layer. I would like to try it again and use different colour washes, and to try watered down acrylics and maybe even do a whole alphabet. It’s quite addictive.

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