Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One of the things I caught up with was Jaques Derrida and one of his comments about deconstruction.The frame disappears, buries itself; melts away at the moment it deploys it’s greatest energy. What an idea to think about. Then I got involved with wabi-sabi and it’s aesthetic meaning. Wabi means things that are simple and fresh, wabi sabi is the beauty that comes from age and wear. A much used and loved bowl is accidently broken and then mended with gold in the cracks. From those ideas I thought about things made by hand, the evidence of imperfection and the delight that brings. Maybe the hand has thoughts of its own. So for this X I started with a simple mark that degenerated each time I did something else. By the time I decided it wasn’t worth continuing, so much was underneath that I thought it could stand because of it.

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