Friday, May 02, 2008

Our local group decided to make an alphabet book, although I have recently made quite a few individual alphabet projects I thought I could do something different and try collage this time. I have trouble using images other than my own so I know I will struggle. I love the A shape of the first one, after making the background I raised the main area with a molding compound which was carefully spread over the masked shape before gilding it. For the B I printed out some of my notes in various fonts and tore them into pieces, some I stained and some I printed onto different coloured paper. I placed them around the B and finally made a slight shadow with some handwriting. The C started with a frame of a very early lace pattern, overlaid with a partial C cut out of daphne paper, over the top of this I pasted some surgical gauze, this moisture was enough to make the daphne paper bleed into the surrounding areas, I touched up with watercolour and then printed over the top with etching ink and some machine made acrylic lace. Several days later (it took ages to dry) I embossed some paper with cotton lace, highlighting with metallic antiquing cream before cutting out a lombardic C shape and tipped it in on the left hand side, the counter shape is glued in and will not lift. This has not worked satisfactorily because of the arrangement, it is ambigious. The D is incomplete, it has to have a collage element and I have no solution yet. I carved an eraser (Staedtler, you can detect the logo but to me it looks like something else) and printed it. Then embossing powder in the counter spaces and centre motif. Finishing with some doodling round it. E started as a print of Amsterdam which was folded for a concertina book that never eventuated. At some stage in the past I had brayered over it. I tore up along the folds and cut out the E and glued the strips on the page keeping the right hand side free. I painted a narrow border with acrylics and with a pen drew a series of small E round the edges. Then painted a light film of matt medium which removed all the little E's I had just done! I made another eraser stamp and although a little too heavy I will leave it.

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