Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I spent an interesting weekend with friends, a group that are into many things but for these two days we focused on bookarts and related crafts. It was dismal and damp outside but we didn't notice once the introductions and the precious things were displayed. After the 'show and tell' Dale and Dianne were the first to start using the rollers and printing ink hoping that they would dry before they needed them. Elizabeth and Beth stitched, Emily worked on her small prints that will be works of art, Marian was doing calligraphy, Glenice and Stephanie were searching for binding solutions. Jan was problem solving with brush work layers and wanting advice on mounting them. I tried to get my head around a binding, the penny did not drop until two days later! During this busy time supply sources, instructions, and catch up conversations made for some serious multitasking. We had a large canvas that we all worked on. We had a visiting speaker, a silversmith who had 40 years experience in making tricky small items, including hinges and clasps. Emily demonstrated cutting and mounting artwork on mat boards. We continued each day until fading light reminded us to return to our families. I am sure we ate and quite well too but cannot remember exactly, all a bit of a blur at times. This weekend made me more aware of my short term memory limitations under stress! Looking forward to getting back to creating with renewed vigour.

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