Thursday, September 18, 2008

The 42nd week of the year long project. Starting at the left 5cm square, it is the first time I have printed out a scan of my work, it took quite some time to work out how to print on such a narrow strip. Because it's such an oblique reference to the letter 'B' I have printed the word bracelet for those of you who check to see if they can find a letter. Collene said I should try altering the saturation and I would get better colour. The sketch is further back in the EDM challenges. The C is for Collene and it has some shine which doesn't show on the scan. D is done with hatching and my tech pen. E is with Glenice's gift of walnut ink with some powder dropped in, I chose the wrong stuff! F is a new comb brush that Diane found, filled with walnut ink and then over saturated with Dr Martin's Irridescent Ink. G is again inspired by Diane after showing me her new Derwent Graphitone water soluable pencil, I had to trot by and buy some, Oh the gear! H is a drier comb brush with walnut ink, and more Dr M's dropped in.

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