Saturday, November 01, 2008

EDM # 29 Draw something architectural. Recycled timber was used in this building. One of the best places I have ever stayed in. Wonderful memories. This view is out of our window and you will have to imagine a lawn running down to a lake surrounded with rising mountains tipped in snow. The tiles were hard to do, the angles and perspective even harder, I am sure it is not quite right yet. Outlined with my technical pen and shaded in water soluable pencil. Stamp with watercolour palette. Sketch measures 23cm x 18cm.


callicormack said...

thanks Hillary this is great. I have updated my blog site if you want to have a look. Where are you? Lake House was great for the music but lacked people.

Hillary said...

Thanks for again struggling to make a comment. I know it's difficult when you have had so many accounts. I visited your blog the day you updated it and left my comment. Thanks for your visit.