Saturday, November 15, 2008

'En plein aire' St Heliers: On just the best early summer's day, Diane and I set off for the beach, found a table down by the playground and set ourselves up, cushions, tablecloth, sketching and painting gear. Complete novices 'en plein aire' and inexperienced at drawing people but gathering confidence in both as the day wore on. Children do not hang about because you have only drawn their hat or adults stop meandering along, even those lying on the beach turned over quite quickly. The tide went out, seagulls dozed, Diane walked to the shops for us both and returned with fresh sandwiches and fruit. Yum. Somewhere along the journey she realised she had lost her good gold earing and was able to trace her route back but sadly it did not show itself. We checked the car and all around the table, no earing. The only black spot on a glorious day. My sketching has been put together for this blog.


Di said...

Hillary these images have captured the day beautifully and wasn't it a 'cracker'as we say in NZ!

Hillary said...

I'd like to see yours! Remember how we noticed the screen enhances, like seeing what we have done with different eyes. Thanks for visiting.