Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week 52 and the last strip for this project. I have found a discrepancy in the dating, there are 365 squares but I end up a few days before I began, so somewhere along the way I have gained a few days, either by double dating or adding an extra day to a month, a trivial matter and I will leave it incorrect and give those that notice a question to ask. Now what to do with this collection, to frame or to bind?


Margaret-Anne said...

Hi Hillary..
Have been following your letterforms for many months now and am amazed at the many different styles you've managed to draw. What fun!
Need another challenge? How about some numerals?
Keep on creating! margaret of tofield

Hillary said...

Hi Margaret,
Ohh I had no idea someone was following the letters, thanks for the kind comments and for visiting. I saw on the web a list of journal starters and I kept them for such a time as this. I would like to work on layout and design so it might suit me just fine. First I must make a new journal.

Victoria Pittman said...

Oh, I'm a follower too!

Lovely and inspirational.
I also have a link to your blog at my site. Hope that is OK


Hillary said...

Hi Victoria, of course it is OK, you went to the trouble to ask me some time ago. I visit your site too, so elegant. It is quite supportive when people leave positive comments. Constructive criticsm can be helpful too. Thanks for calling in.