Monday, January 26, 2009

12. Draw a map of your hand, palm and knuckle. I think everyone must have at one stage in their life made their mark with their hand. Long ago I used mine for the illustration 'When Does' . After coating my hand in gouache and printing it, reducing the best copy I then made a gocco screen. I have had a small rubber stamp made from a hand print too. Hands are amazing and mine need more respect from me. I did map the lines on my palm and knuckle, and have included in the photo the small rubber stamp.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Wow Hillary!! This is great... i love hand drawings.. and the stamp.. I want to make one... you are so inspiring!!!

I love your new blog set up too!!!

Hillary said...

Thanks Gwen, I have been tweeking the blogs, all my ealier images disappeared so I had to do something and reload them all, nearly there. I have also been adjusting width etc with html and warily enjoying it. It's good to get comments.