Wednesday, April 01, 2009

6th week out and about with Dale. This time visiting Okahu Bay Public Boat Ramp, and west side of Oraki Basin. 1.Starting ever so tentatively with a boat cradle, in awe of the hundreds of boats in front of us, every mast on a different slant and different materials and settings. I drew the cradle because it was directly in front on me. 2. A boat to the right, laughing all the way, it looked on paper so different to what I saw, I am really not familiar with boat shapes. 3. A rack of dinghys and maybe a punt? Didn't get time to develop tones, probably beyond me at the time. I liked drawing these. 4. Small jetty, it was so quiet here, every couple of minutes though a commuter train went through. Off on the far side a lone water skier, the noise was not intrusive. At 5.30pm we stopped through lack of light and a need to get home. I hope the summer draws out a bit more as the temperature was just right.

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