Monday, April 27, 2009

EDM # 45 continued. I looked at the time and thought heck Monday chores can wait a few minutes for me to try and do this before I forget! Just placed tracing paper over the picture, used Inktense pencils and scribbled away until I was finished. Sprayed with water, then fixative and tipped into journal over original sketch.


Di said...

Very interesting - I had to look several times to 'get it'. I was confused because you said it was EDM35 continued, but you mean 45 don't you? Well done anyway.

Hillary said...

Yes - of course I meant that, thanks for the alert, I have changed the number. I find it difficult remembering the post number, the file number and then the phone rings, I need to have view open as well as post window etc, must be getting old badly.