Monday, May 25, 2009

EDM #47. Draw a challenge from the past year 1-46 that you didn't try before. So I chose # 26 which was draw anything you like. This is a Washington palm tree outside my window. It is bleak, cold, wet and quite low light and it's affecting my mood. I am loathe to move as big expressive movements loose heat, so I ended up doing this tech pen drawing which needed my eyes close to the journal. The drawing is 17 x17 cm.


Quilt knit said...

That is wildly wonderful. I do not have any of those.


Hillary said...

Thanks for visiting Sherrie, the palm is native to desert regions of mexico, quite hardy, quick growing, to 100'and also known as the Mexican Fan Palm.

Hi I'm Laurie... said...

Beautiful rendering of an interesting subject! Very nicely done.

I've enjoyed reading your blog this a.m. Thanks for sharing!

Stay Warm!
(...from the EDM group)

Hillary said...

Laurie, always a surprise when folk other than family call by and leave a positive comment as well. Thank you.