Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I made this small book yesterday for an exchange with Lyall in Christchurch, Robyn Hunt was the organiser. I forgot to change the camera and I only have this yellowed image, too late to try again as the book was posted early this morning. Instructions in it are for using closed cell foam, with examples of images I have made, samples of the foam and although I thought the structure was interesting it is poorly executed. Without thinking things through properly I had trouble with sewing the spine. I would like to make another one and solve the first time issues.


Jill K. Berry said...

Just found this post and this interesting book. Did you ever make another one? I have not seen this structure and would love to try it out too, it looks complex enough to make one crazy.

Hillary said...

Hi Jill, your email at comcast rejected me, so I tried your blog, but it did not like it there. Which leaves me with here and you may never read it.
On a book swap many years ago,
I was sent this structure. It was so far beyond my abilities at the time I had to write to the creator for help, we didn't even have double sided paper in NZ then. She was so very helpful, even sending me a section to make it clearer, What I can do is locate that book and section and send to you. I would like to have it returned as I treasure it.
I would love to share it with you as I have with my local groups, it is looking a little worse for it's years but I am sure you will be able to use it and adapt it's contents. So on Monday I will post it to you, that will give me the weekend to find it.
Regards Hillary