Friday, October 21, 2011

EDM # 90 Draw something with wings. Using my brayer and new printing inks with nothing in mind, the first roll sparks my imagination and I have a field or two, then the sky - looking suspiciously like geysers just over the hill - some tree shapes on the left ahh, pause, where to put the birds. Do I have a flock flying through the geysers, far off up to middle distance? Deciding just to do one on the ground, I cut a stencil and rolled it.  Hmm... now I think it should have been the flock and that would have solved the geysers. The ink is taking a long, long time to dry, I intended fixing the clouds with more ink, or even pencils - but it is still damp. On the reverse pages the oil has soaked through, so experiment needs more developing. Using the brayer across the gutter also caused a few problems, ink going where it shouldn't, build up on edges, marks on the brayer transferring. I did try to mask vulnerable areas.


Di said...

I think it's excellent and I can see you doing a lot more with this technique.

Hillary said...

Thank you for your kind comment, it's still not dry so I can't finish it just yet. I like being unable to control the marks - surprising things happen in small places.