Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keri Smith number 93, illustrate the concept of simplicity. Unfortunately the page behind this one shows through, just think of it as blank. Why, when, where, how, who, what. Here are my musings... for me straight lines are easier to draw than curved, although a curved line may be easier to follow for the eye. I hope I am not equating easy with simple. I remember an anecdotal story about Leonardo, ah.. no it was Michaelangelo who drew a perfect circle to prove his skill. He got the job. Movement draws the eye to it. Can more be deciphered from a line with an arc than a straight one. Black blocks colours but has various shades, I think it tends to be more simple. A scribble may be easy to do but harder to decipher? Perhaps simplicity requires more from the person looking at it as well as the person doing it? Is it simple then? Nothing is simple and when can there ever be nothing - never I suggest. 


Di said...

Is there a site where everyone posts their Keri Smith Challenges? like EDM? Would love to see what everyone did for this one.

Hillary said...

I haven't found a web site. I have the book 'How to be an Explorer'. The list I have is coming to an end - stops short of 100 - you start making your own after that stage.
Haven't we done something similar during EDM?
Thanks for calling in.