Friday, May 10, 2013

I attended a workshop at Dilworth last weekend, the teacher was Kathy Boyle and the organiser was Susan Hurrell-Fieldes and it was about the painterly print. The weather was atrocious, like someone emptied the bath, so we were pleased to be inside and out of it, or so we thought. Day one we worked building up multiple images on canvas with a view to making a small book on day two. Day two was etching aluminium using various resists, collaging and preparing material to bind for the book. I was slow and have only just finished my cover. It is canvas and has been bound on the edges with a strong paper. The spine is made out of a different piece of canvas and sewn together, I intend long stitching the pages in which I will have the collection of prints I produced over the two days. I really struggled to be loose with the construction and I intend working towards a more relaxed structure next.


Di said...

Your book cover looks amazing. I love the way the dinghies appear to be in the shaft of light. Somehow I just knew you wouldn't be able to let it all hang out though!!!

The words I have to type to prove I'm not a robot are "einonym throd" - don't you love it! I think that's what I will call my book.

Hillary said...

I intend to do more collage over the cover as the paper has given way on the spine, bother, might be the time to be more casual and make mistakes deliberate. Thanks for calling by and leaving the comment.