Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Number 93, 94, and 95 a&b of the 100 days project. Left is a screen print using some very heavy textural objects, the ink stood up and them slowly collapsed and went right through the paper. With my palette knife I removed it all except that which had stained or gone into the paper. The piece could be improved with some pen work with lines of varying thickness. Second from the left is a collagraph with cardboard and fibre, this collapsed during printing as I had the press wound down too hard. 95 took a long time to cut out from corrugated cardboard and the print block looked interesting. Once again even after the experience from printing 'a' the cardboard collapsed. I was disappointed in the end result.

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Di said...

Congratulations on finishing my friend, and what a superb collection to bind into a book now. With regards to the corrugated carboard cutout, I think the way we print it was to turn it face up, lay the (thin) paper on top of it so the print and the right side of the paper are face-to-face, then gently rub with a light brayer. Might be worth another try for you.