Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Every Day Matters 114, something ugly but you want to keep.
Notes to myself.  This quote by Hannah Stephenson called Ancient Language is one that I wanted to keep. Scraps of paper do not always survive on my desk so I thought I would write it in my journal and keep it safe. I intend writing it out again to one side to make reading easier.
Using a mix of left over ziller orange and some watered down sumi and my oldest folded aluminium nib I set off with no plan in mind apart from clean intersections and try to keep splashes and dribbles to a minium.  Then I wanted to add more middle tones and thought that a graduated scribble pattern in counters and areas not connected to the edge might work. An after thought - might have been a good idea to think about this at the beginning!
Hannah has very kindly given me permission to use her words and I'll see where it takes me. This is Hannah's  site 
and the poem found me  here

Ancient Language:

If you stand at the edge of the forest
and stare into it
every tree at the edge will blow a little extra
oxygen toward you

It has been proven
Leaves have admitted it 

The pines I have known
have been especially candid 

One said
that all breath in this world
is roped together

that breathing is
the most ancient language

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