Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Day 1. Phyllis Cole-Dai has given me permission to use her poem  'On How to Pick and Eat Poems'.  Phyllis wrote it in gratitude to thank the enthusiastic readers of 'A year Of being Here' it is her collection of mindfulness poetry. I hope to explore and develop how the various 343 letterforms interact with each other, if they appeal to me, and to play with watercolours and pencils. Yet I still want to recognise what the words say. It is a challenge as it was the first time I have spontaneously chosen to read verse.

I intend to use  the '100 Days' project to help me maintain momentum and will post on their site and this blog.

This is the first day and I used the first word 'stop'. The paper - Clairefontaine Paint On 250gsm (multi techniques) torn into approximately 10.5 x 15cm, which I intend binding into a book at the end.

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