Thursday, January 03, 2008

Reading the strip from left to right, starting with Martin’s birthday, He thought he was 62, then 63, and finally 'no, no, I am 62'. His initials are there and so is the letter C. D is a stamp with pen doodles (don't like this one).The third is an inkwell of mine with small E’s round the neck, the forth a poppy with F’s in the centre.The fifth is Phoenician for G or gemel and they are part of the design, I used my finest rapidograph pen and the sixth is an embossed stamp of my initial that I bought for a horrendous price while on holiday in Venice, ( I intend doing more to this one) and the seventh is a dry point print. Not every day is a good one that's for sure.


Elizabeth Love (née Acheson) said...

Hi Hillary. How exciting to have just found your blog! I have enjoyed looking through your calligraphic images.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, wonderful to know there is someone out there. Hillary