Friday, February 22, 2008

The thirteenth week and I confess that over the last few days I have not adhered to the rules and I am a week ahead of the date! I will not do any more now until the date has caught up with me. GHI and J are together in the first one. I took a photo of a plaque on the door of the church in Amalfi, later I made a gocco print on tissue paper and pasted it in. I is a washed out shape over some regular notes of mine. J water colour contour lines, K is an awkward geometric repeat pattern, L is a balsa pen with watercolour and lastly a splatter brush over a bought metal stencil of flowers, with M shapes brushed in. I badly want to continue (thinking sumingashi) but I shall be patient, instead I will start making the structure for my next challenge, a collaged alphabet.

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