Thursday, May 29, 2008

Who darns anymore? Well I do, after a fashion, half my book reading group do and the others have darning mushrooms or remember their Mothers doing it. The group reckons that since the advent of synthetic blend sox the skill has dropped off. It was Gwen on her blog that started me thinking, after her photograph story on 24th May, titled Warm feet. Here is Martin’s draft free favourite pullover. The wool doesn’t match and one day I may put a leather patch over them. In the meantime…


Gwen Buchanan said...

That looks darn good to me... haha.. He must be very happy to have his sweater back in working order!!!should serve him well... I enjoyed your next set of alphabets, too.. great ideas!! take care , gwen

Anonymous said...

The pullover is one he wears at the weekend so it doesn't matter what it looks like. There is something honest about a darn.

The alphabet project, of a 5cm square a day, runs for a year,and each one has a letter in sequence.

I love your blog and find it inspirational. You seem to be living the life I hanker for. When Martin retires we hope to move, to a colder, harder climate. Sooo looking forward to that.
Regards Hillary

Margaret-Anne said...

I love to darn too, darn it all!
Hubby has a bad habit of wearing old shoes that rub and tear holes in the toes and heel of his socks.
I LOVE to darn them and figure I saved a few dollars in not havint to buy socks all the time!

alberta, canada

Anonymous said...

I imagine you could get quite a rainbow going Margaret, especially if the socks are not seen except at home. Thanks for replying.