Friday, August 29, 2008

The collage book is now bound in a coptic style. For the last letter I have used a Z that I made earlier in the year and cut up, it's hard to recognize it. Now it reminds me of Zeddies which are a small sailing class dinghy in New Zealand. The end paper is from our group night when we doodled to music as a loosening up exercise. The cover papers are the brayer over runs and cleaning rolls from the letter Q. The title has yet to be done and will be glued in. There is a window on the first page which looks through to some bits and pieces I had left over, these will surround the title. The photos I took used some of the options on my camera, trying to find the white light control. Yes, I had the pdf manual open but no time to read the 218 pages. TV setting seemed to work the whitest this time.

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