Monday, October 20, 2008

EDM # 27 Draw a book or what ever you want. What a long night this has been, Trying to get my scanner to do what I told it to do! I have had enough of this spread for the moment. The label in the centre is approximately the actual size at 16cms x 7.5cms and the strap fits the book A Ward in Chancery. Several of Willie's books from his apprenticeship have similar labels inside them, the earliest is 1907. The last book we have that he bound is 1959.


Di said...

Hillary, this is beautifully rendered. I am amazed at your copy of the label, it's fantastic. What a lovely way to remember these treasured books. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Diane, tonight with renewed resolve I painted the background colours on the books and see if I have the patience to do the titles and patterns tomorrow. Thanks for the comments, it makes a difference. (-: