Thursday, June 04, 2009

EDM # 50 continued...
The picture on the left is the back of the clicking door, it has hand made hinges and locking mechanism. When it is shut we feel we are home, during the day in summer it is open for the breeze. The distinctive sound of it opening alerts us to welcome our visitors. I was not aware of how prison-like it looks, maybe I have the proportions wrong. This area is used for all sorts of projects even a double washing line for wet days.
The one on the right is the main door to the house proper, once inside it is quiet and peaceful. The door is rotting along the bottom and needs an overhaul, it is really an internal door masquerading as an outer, it actually needs to be replaced completely - one day soon?
These two doors are at opposite ends of this breezeway with 15 metres between them.

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