Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have a friend who keeps coming up with ideas for things to create. Sometimes they are run past me and then I get so excited that I want to join in. This is how this project has started, I was invited to join in, making a journal that uses only the left hand (we are both right handed). No rules other than that.
We are hoping to future proof ourselves from arthritis by being able to write with either hand. There are other reasons that will come to the fore no doubt, as we progress. Today I finished the covers and bound a book that will hold this adventure. I start tomorrow, I can hardly wait. This is the front cover and the 32 pages are coptic bound, it measures almost square, 200 mm x 190 mm and 20 mm thick.


Di said...

It looks fabulous - I hope you made it with your left hand!

Hillary said...

Ha ha Diane, I also used my tongue, my lips and some pliers etc. I have though about typing with one finger instead of two and wondering if that would count. Thanks for calling in.