Thursday, August 09, 2012

Some images just make me want to have a go at doing something similar. These images are usually from sketches and roughs, occasionally from finished pieces. I like texture, layers and marks that need some explaining. A subdued or perhaps limited palette also appeals. I find it difficult to pin down why I like some and not others, and I do not know how to analyze the difference. My brain is not in good working order, the pathways are shot.  My journal using my least favourite colour is quite stilted, squared, and I am starting to resist. Keri Smith's 100 ideas is continuing from the Wookey Hole journal into a Secret Belgian binding.  I have followed Laurie Doctor for quite a while and I really like her work. I chose a print called Accidental Furrow and tried to apply it to Keri's number 88 - write or draw some of the doors in your life. Of course it didn't work! Laurie is an accomplished artist and I am not. However it was interesting to do and I would like to continue to develop along these lines with future words.

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