Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diane had the idea of trying a black paper Journal after seeing an image in Cathy Johnson's 'Artist's Journal Workshop'. We visited National Art Supplies in Onehunga and  fluffed about trying to find black paper that suited what we thought we needed. This paper is not really black which means we will be able to use black but that's another whole page of tests. I just used whites in this tests - metallics, colours and textures might happen later. I also need to trial some stitching as I think the paper is fragile, more so going with the grain.


Di said...

Wow, I'm imnpressed with your tests. You must have enjoyed it by the looks of the page. Now try some coloured pencils.

Hillary said...

Rudimentary tests, I wanted to be more accurate, it is but a start. The blacks will not show up, I can fit a few more on the page juts to see though.