Friday, January 04, 2013

EDM #99 Draw something that represents a new year's resolution to me. That's the brief. I downloaded a new app for the iPad and thought I could use that for this effort. Seemed easy enough to use, not sure if it will be one I go back to. I haven't made a list of resolutions this year, they usually disappear and I find them again mid-year and berate myself for dreaming. However I am concentrating on something that health issues have forced upon me, weight loss. It will be my main focus for many months but I hope not to the exclusion of all others.


Di said...

I think this is very cool. You'll have to show me the app and demo how you did this :)

Hillary said...

Hullo Di, It's called Paper, by 53 and cost $2.59, I bought some extras for $9.99 essentials of course. I still have heaps to discover. In the Apps store. H