Thursday, March 06, 2014

Journal 52 number 7 and the prompt is colour. I started with a magazine image, tore it up and glued it wrong side down, before dry I pulled it off, leaving small scatterings of the image and some paper. Then I glued the piece down with the image I wanted facing up. The colours I chose to use with this are Schmincke Delft and Turquoise, afterwards I added some gesso and watercolour, finally a few pencilled words about the place. It was a small harbour in a southerly storm in Southland. The words went like this. A seagull's view might be of an incomplete circle, the gap throttled with rounded granite anchors to the land, flying airborne spray carried to dampen everywhere the wind went, the birds wheeled and wheeled away. The fishermen indoors, hunkered down, just their chimneys, catching spinning and rocking were moving. The boats were on the slips because we had storm warnings.I liked being part of it, how did this harbour work, where was the channel deep. The sun came out between each squall defining distance against the navy blue background. I wanted to wait until high tide.

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