Monday, August 24, 2015

This is the cover of a journal that I like to hold, it's textured and bendy. To start with I printed images, collaged a few on the pages and used pencil and watercolour to complete as I wished. The book is backed with heavy duty canvas and the pages are art paper with some irregular sizes. I went through randomly gluing in off cuts and images into the book from my printing efforts thinking that I would keep it for a range of nautical graphic experiments. It lay idle for a year or more, until I came across Rosemarie Taylor's drawings of boats. Not understanding why I was drawn to them I thought I should try a similar style and see what happened.  Not copying slavishly, as I had the collage already on the page - the first boat denied me the fine detail I usually get buried in, this is a good thing! The canvas surface was way too rough.

This past year I have wandered aimlessly, but have carried on doing small things in the studio, even if it's doodling or tidying up. The first boat was followed by finding seaweed on the shore and  trying to draw it as it shrunk, shrivelled and got smelly.
Below, on the left hand side is another drawing trying to use Rosemarie's style, (looks like it's caught in a whirlpool) and the one on the right is a print on crinkled Japanese paper. Last Sunday we went out driving with the Thermos down to the Auckland wharves and watched as the sun set.

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