Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Full of winter misery I thought I should make some new journals ready for the spring. Nothing that serious concentration was needed for. I took some fibres off the trunk of my Washingtonia Palm, inked them up and printed them in the press. This was for the cover papers. Interesting textures. I also tried laying some modeling compound and covering it with tinfoil, pressing various designs into it and finally painting with acrylic paints and irridescent powders. Then I set about measuring, cutting; then paste, pressing and finally sewing up. I generally use a Coptic stitch but there is one with a piano hinge and a couple sewn over leather bands. One I have given away already and it had delicate sumingashi decoration on the paper with page variations, pockets and slots.
February 10th 09. I cannot locate this lost image just yet, I will replace it when I do.

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