Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nearly a flock of W’s flying away. These are for the alphabet exchange early in the new year, and I had a lot of fun playing with the moulding compound. I started by cutting stencils out of 3 mm board, I wanted to keep the positive and negative shapes intact, it was a bit hard on the fingers! Then with a palette knife I scraped a shallow layer of paste over my 5”squares, covered them with a piece of cling film and pressed my stencils into it, leaving to dry under some weight. You may think these are rough and ugly, you should see the rejects. I also tried tinfoil and various papers. When dry I removed the stencil and then slowly the film. Further drying. Using acrylics I painted a base colour and then with several metallic creams I sponged the top layer and finished with a spray fixative. I noticed that there was quite a difference in the scans depending on which way up it was when the light traveled over it. I think this stuff could be directly written into with the pen, oh! must away to experiment some more.

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