Friday, March 28, 2008

'I' is slightly wacky, I used some fabric I had decorated years ago in a workshop with Marianne Hargreaves (a textile artist) and then I drew on top with my pen. J is just watercolour and pen, I struggled with it and ran out of time. K was done with smashed egg shells on Easter Sunday, made by using the press, pen and coloured pencils. I really enjoyed making the L, first I drew a Lombardic shape and then filled it in with a series of lines. Tempted to use some gold to make the shape more easily seen but decided against it in the end. M was inspired by a picture of dutch porcelain marks. N is a free hand spiral and schmincke gold. Lastly O, and I did it this way because the preceding squares had all been quite controlled and I thought some random movement was needed. Gold foil is used on some circles.

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