Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Some images this week influenced by John Neal's catalogue. First aid gauze glued lightly onto first square of strip, what to do next?? then I tried to insert tiny W's in the spaces. I thought it's not going to be a good week! X was made trialing a new ink, Dr Ph Martin's irridescent colour over Higgins Eternal. Y is used in the small glass lid of a coffee jar - a size I find most useful. Stones with Z's in the striations, from the catalogue, then from the same place my bad copy of an illustration in John Steven's new book, a minute examplar in an advertisement. B is turned on it's side and into an illustration. Lastly C is influenced from the catalogue again, Alfred Bernd in Calligraphy review vol 7 number 2.
This is a scan of the lost original.


Victoria Pittman said...

Hi Hillary

I absolutely love your blog...your colors and everything about it.
Initially, I thought I wanted to see images larger but there is something very pleasing and satisfying in your small squares of rich textures and colors!

I'm adding your site to my blog if that is OK...


Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria, thank you for your kind words. Every day is challenging and I am looking more closely at the things around me. It is OK with me if you add my blog. Thank you for asking (-:

Regards Hillary