Thursday, April 17, 2008

It was hard to get started this week. The drought has broken and the rain has bought sadness with it. Seven young people lost their lives in a flash flood. From the left - pen drawing of pre-european shark tooth necklace, and then a short hand club. F is using a lombardic shape and decoration. G was a surpise, sitting at my desk, waiting for inspiration, I started doodling and ended up with this strange square and several G's to boot. H is a vynylcut and printed, (my initials) outlined in pen, needs more designing! I stumped me, drew with a candle, water colours over the top, outlined shapes with technical pen, then glue pen and foiled those areas - a dreadful mess! Gave myself a challenge of a blue/green apple and a J. The stalk is the J and the right hand side of the apple mirrors the J shape.

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