Thursday, July 24, 2008

Into the 35th week of this project. E is made with a stamp from the linked ball chain that holds the plug to the basin. F went wrong when I sneezed laying down the celtic stamp and it went crooked! G is covered with coloured and masked molding compound, There are 20 H's in the next one and the verse is by a famous Orkney Poet and it's displayed on the ferryboat over there. I is a pioneer cottage from a ceramic wall plaque I made long ago. J is in a tail of all that I remember of lizards. K is around the rim of the left hand pot. I am somehow ahead again. Bother.


Gwen Buchanan said...

What a designer you are... this collection is great.. I love the little lizards!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gwen, I like lizards and geckos and don't see them often here in the city. They're probably not drawn correctly as I did them from memory! What I have left (-: