Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Collaged P: On the left hand side is a fossil image printed on 3 different tracing papers with graduated resolution, and tipped in on the left hand edge, which has been opened out. Centre image, the word patience is written out twice with a ruling pen. This is covered over with a P stencil, positive and negative with grey pan pastel sponged on. The third image is with the printed images shut over the P and the word patience. Not sure what I was thinking when I started this! Maybe I just need to finish this alphabet, I'll go and look up the word collage.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Awww. Fossils.. We collect and love them.. your work is great!!

Anonymous said...

We have a small collection too. I noticed them on your blog. I wish I had named them when I found/bought/ and was given them. 'Ancient' makes/takes me away. I have touched part of the Gibeon meteorite 2.5 billion years old, the oldest object they have found on earth yet.