Thursday, October 09, 2008

EDM # 24 Draw a piece of fruit. As a young child I used to holiday with a distant Aunt who collected ivory. Back then it was not considered wrong or immoral. She had a most beautiful carving of a banana that I was only allowed to look at. Perfect in every detail and it just sat there on her small table, the temptation to touch was enormous. The carver had made it all from one piece - even the fibre strand that separated from the skin and was still linked to the fruit. I tried to make my banana do it but mine was a little green. By the time I had finished drawing it was going brown, greenish bananas do that. I sketched this in an upright position with my rapidograph and then I painted it with water colour. It measures 17cm x 9cm. Then I ate it.


Luba said...

When I look at this banana, it seems to just pop off the page. I also like your glasses and style of other drawings,too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your positive comments, always good to hear what other people think. Thanks for visiting.