Friday, October 10, 2008

EDM # 25 Draw a glass. After reading a report on the lack of colour fastness of Inktense pencils I was reluctant to draw with them, but went ahead anyway. First draw your glass and this is the one on the left, sitting with it's base at my eye level. It is empty. I had a choice of what to do next, and because I wasn't sure of the outcome I did a preliminary scan before I started. I could wet brush over the sketch or I could spray with a mister. I chose the spray and holding my breath I squeezed half a dozen times. This is the one on the right. Not sure how I feel about it, perhaps it's a tad more interesting. It's my favourite glass for homemade lemonade and the ice tinkles delighfully. The glass is 15cm high and the sketch measures 12cm x 6cm.


Ann said...

I really enjoyed looking at your work here. Using a spray bottle to mist watercolor pencil drawing is a great idea. I like how this turned out. All of your drawings are just fantastic!

Timaree said...

I like the "tad more interesting" one. It looks glassy and the bit of paint run outside the lines adds to the background. Boy, you are good. It is going to be fun watching you come up with the drawings on the challenges.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann, I have just found out I can do mist over my Derwent lead pencils too, it's nice losing some control. Thanks for the positive comments.

Hi freebird, I am enjoying the challenges, and know that some will be outside my confidence zone.
I might need to take some classes.
Thanks for visiting.