Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Diane and I visited our local museum to find EDM challenge number 32, draw something metallic. Considering a sunken ship's bell as too easy, ornate windows as unsuitable (nowhere to sit), passing by a 17th century cast cannon we ended up in a room with this machine, there had to be metal here somewhere. What fools. A commentary and sound track continued all the time. Yes, there was a seat for both of us. The sound track covered our gasps and sighs as we struggled to come to terms with something we knew nothing about. This sketch should be better and the bad black letter too, they keep each other company. Pity you can enlarge it! The words are really only as a balancing distraction. I have also drawn a postbox which is yet to be finished and when that is done I feel this challenge has been completed this time round. We spent some time in the cafe trying to draw people at tables, they were far to animated and moved on too quickly. We will have to speed up. I'm reluctant to post this effort

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