Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Everyday Matters number 31. Draw something you collect. I don't really collect similar things unless you count books and art supplies. Here are some of the tools I use often. Some drawings cover a whole range, my pigments alone would need several pages just for themselves.


Margaret-Anne said...

Hello Hillary....

It's Monday nite here, and just finished supper, so I thought I'd check a few blogs before washing up the dishes.

I just checked your blog, and see your lovely drawing on collections.
I recognize many items here, but am curious about the one on the far right with the holes in it.
Is this a hook for tatting?

Nice stuff! as always.

margaret of tofield

Hillary said...

How embarrasing for me, Margaret, they are tweezers and I use them for fishing out my stuff that falls into water bottles. The full water jars wait below a printers el filled with small stuff that continually falls off - you'd think I would change things round a bit (-: Thanks for the positive comments.