Tuesday, November 24, 2009

7.20am on Saturday, September 12th 1914 the Ralph Mine disaster occurred. The mine was situated near the centre of Huntly handy to the railway line and because it was the weekend there were only 60 miners (instead of 250) working down there. The explosion and effects killed 43 miners. So many of them were young men. Diane and I stopped to visit the cemetry on our way back from Hamilton. This picture is from my left handed journal using water colour crayons and measures 190mm x 190mm.


Di said...

It's groovy, I like it, but c'mon where's the nose?

Hillary said...

all in the fullness of time, I don't think I like noses when you examine them up close! It's next, after walnut salad followed by baked potatoes and mini-sausages, then rock melon for afters.