Monday, February 22, 2010

Every Day Matters #66. Draw a fire hydrant and journal about fire fighters. This was a long time coming because in New Zealand we do not have fire hydrants and I looked for ages for the rectangular yellow boxes in the ground. Then whilst out with some friends I found so many all at once. It was an older, more established area of the city. This one was between the roots of a Pohutukawa tree, lying crooked and quite proud of the ground. The base was built up with cement. The fire service in NZ is both regular and voluntary and both men and women are permitted to serve their communities.


Di said...

Well done Hillary, I think it looks really good.

Hillary said...

Thanks for the comment, I enjoyed putting weird colours in the sketch, especially when they were ones I didn't like. Bit like eating the vegetables you don't like first and leaving the good stuff 'til the end.