Saturday, January 04, 2014

Exercise 3. Rubbings or Frottage. The end is disappointing and I am struggling to explore further. I used some rice paper and started with the guard of my desk fan, and used a Derwent tinted charcoal pencil, it was too hard and the paper only just survived the rubbing. Using a sewn picture I tried rubbing a soft pastel over a couple of the elements, easier on the paper but just a blob really. Out in the garage I tried the embossed lettering on several of the larger pieces of engineering equipment then into the kitchen for a pair of scissors. Nothing was interesting yet. A plastic stencil of the letter f for frontage, a string bow off a christmas gift. Dreadful. Finally a paint brush to try and  bring out something worthy, but no. The original element was OK, the string showed promise and the water-colour could be helpful. There are options to change tools and paper and select different subject matter. I shall gather my confidence and try again later. 
Added :- 6th Jan 2014
In the post came a precious handmade card using just this technique, I am filled with hope and excitement, already planning to make a whole small book.
Added :- 11th Jan 2014 Was warned by a friend about throwing the word frontage around as it has several meanings and I was told to look it up, so I did, gulp. Hushed tones now.

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