Friday, May 20, 2016

After the first page I thought, I must do this with other colours, as I know they will interact differently. Looking at my paint tin I thought I should replace some nearly empty pans, Cad.Orange replaced with translucent orange, white with Gamboge, and a new cobalt. The pans that were nearly empty might be the ones that I experiment with next. Ultramarine, Cobalt, and Cad Orange.

I am not old enough to handle cobalt, I could not think of anything I could use it for. The grainyness made it textured sure, but I wonder if all manufacturers make it like that. Mind you I was only mixing it with cad. orange. I think I could remove the pan from my box for a while. 

The ultramarine was a delight, I see it everyday around me and I could have covered pages with it. It reminds me of the world around me - just a small shape of colour does that. Cad Orange is the common denominator and I wonder why I don’t attribute it in my notes? Perhaps I have chosen the darker colour subconsciously?  I intended to come back later that day and after cleaning my brushes I left them dipped in water, hanging. Quite noticeable to see the residue pigments drifting downwards.

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