Sunday, May 15, 2016

I have lost my way again and trying to get back. I noticed that I was drawn to an artist in Ireland who was trialling a series of vessels in watercolour.   I kept going back to look at what he was doing, he continued and was getting excited at what was happening. I tried to approach some play of my own with watercolour. Not good. Over a period of a few days I slowly filled a page of the journal with experiments using Schmincke pans of burnt sienna and blue black. I watched how the colours reacted to each other, how the water sat up on the paper, the pigments lost their vibrancy and translucency as they dried etc. This is not a technically perfect trial, I was just enjoying the brief moments that I made available to myself. The gentle spread of colour was extremely fine when wet and later that disappeared and softened away to almost indiscernible as it dried. I definitely have preferences on the page, 2nd and third column, 4th row down would be the favourites. I do not expect the photo will be a good colour reference for me as I am a point and shoot person, but it may remind me of the processes.

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