Thursday, February 17, 2011

Left hand only journal. On Tuesday three of us met at a Buddhist Temple at Flatbush. There was an embroidery exhibition by Yao Hong Ying we wanted to see. We decided to visit the teahouse and explore as well, surprisingly we were there for 4 hours, an interesting enjoyable day. A watercolours and neocolour II sketch shows my plate at the end of lunch. We stayed drawing and talking at the table until it was time to leave.


Di said...

That's excellent, you left hand perfectionist you! Did you work from a photo or your memory?

Hillary said...

I didn't have a photo of the bowl or small platter, and it's not quite how I remember it. The texture on the pottery was lovely, with the ground colour speckling through. The green in the background was me remembering the bamboo. The number eight is the wrong font. Thanks for calling in.