Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some friends came round this week and we spent a winter’s day inside, in the sunshine making a small concertina book with swing sections that can hold original art work. We used soft brayers and water based printing ink on strips for the artwork base with some monoprinting with the residual ink from the glass plates. During the book assembly there were suggestions to improve the end result, but we stuck to the plan on the day. The next time we make these books we will try the suggestions out and report back to the group. We decided it was not an easy structure but the potential for display was flexible and interesting. (I think the difficulty was with the one giving instructions (me) as the students were experienced and used their initiative.)


Gwen Buchanan said...

Loved the photos showing everyones progress... must have been fun!

Anonymous said...

We do not make much spare time to allow for play, there are so many other choices that tempt us, priorities need to sit well. I have more time than some right now.